Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Archaeology of Christmas: 3

There is of course one further ongoing archaeological Christmas-related experiment which, as 12th night approaches, requires consideration: namely the fine layer of pine needles which, like a deposit of volcanic ash descending upon an ancient Mediterranean city, annually threatens to engulf the living space, forever sealing occupation levels with a painful spikey green-ness.

If kept, of course, this organic deposit can be of some use, sealing and providing a terminus post quem for those layers of activity containing discarded TV listing magazines, lost toys and scattered food debris - although the merits of retaining such an ongoing experiment in relative dating do require some serious consideration, especially with regard to the threat of semi-continuous foot-based agony.
Perhaps this is one aspect of the experimental archaeological project which, as 2015 progresses, will be carefully trowelled back, recorded, sifted for finds and then removed to the spoil heap.