Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Archaeospeak (rationale)

This is an infrequently updated blog covering sporadic aspects of archaeology that annoy / interest / excite / infuriate (delete as applicable). I do not expect it to be read or commented upon (and I am happy in that respect) but it is an outlet (therapy?) for archaeological musings that do not or are not covered in the 'serious' world of academia.

If it generates comment, brilliant, if not, that's brilliant too.

I use my own name so as not to hide behind a mask of anonymity from which I can attack other people at will (as certain other blogs do - and which I will no doubt comment upon in due course).

There is no philosophy here other than "Question everything" and "Keep an open mind"

There is no soundtrack but please note this blog is best experienced with music that is both loud and has someone shouting (preferably in an obscure eastern European language).

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