Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What does Europe mean to you?: 2

I love being right, it happens so rarely (well, hardly ever at all if I'm really honest) but with Eurovision, one can seem like a master fortune teller; the most successful of soothsayers. 

If only I'd put money on the outcome - but then it wouldn't work would it?

Macedonia gives maximum points to Bosnia (as do Serbia and Slovenia); Bosnia and Herzegovina award max points to Slovenia; Russia and Turkey to Azerbaijan; Iceland to Denmark; Belarus and the Ukraine to Georgia; Armenia and Azerbaijan to the Ukraine; Poland to Lithuania; Moldova to Romania; Romania to Moldova; Portugal to Spain; Germany to Austria; Norway to Finland; Cyprus to Greece etc. Even the UK got in on the act awarding 12 points to its neighbour Ireland (and oh the anger from the UK media when Ireland failed to reciprocate, awarding full points to Denmark). The only real surprise of the night was 'who would Greece award maximum points given that Cyprus got knocked out in the Semi Finals?' (France as it happened) and Bulgaria giving the UK 12 points.....don't they like Romania any more?

By far and away the best bit was the winner of the unofficial 'Pick a theme song for the 2011 Bournemouth University excavation'. No Moldova, viva Zdob si Zdub, viva the teletubbies on Europe!!

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