Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Archaeo-pedantry no. 24

Someone made the claim (on a TV programme about satellite imagery and Egyptology on BBC 1 last night) that 'Lost Tombs are the Holy Grail of Archaeology' - surely, and without sounding too pedantic about this (always tricky I know), the Holy Grail is the Holy Grail of archaeology......

.....or am I missing something?


  1. I think there's only one thing you might be missing, and that's that you have one too many instances of the letter 'n' in your blog title. I may be wrong (I often am).

    I saw that programme, too. Very interesting, I thought. Especially the reconstructions suggesting that there were once a great many trees in that part of the world.

    Come to think of it, there were once a great many trees in all parts of the world, but these homo sapiens sapiens things are proving themselves not so worthy of the name, after all... I think 'homo fatuus brutus' would be a suitable epitaph.

    (apologies for the off-topic rambling)

  2. Hi Pendantry
    Thanks for spooting this. Yes, my spoolcheq is sepposed to correkt and limite my dyslexik tenancys but dosnt alweys detekt problems in my blog tytles. It has akordinglie bean coorekted. Thenks fore noticying!