Sunday, 23 December 2012

Clarke Kent Syndrome 2: a warning from the present

Since my last posting it has been (somewhat delicately) pointed out to me that, just like Horatio Smith and Daniel Jackson before, I also appear to be suffering (at least in the early stages) from CKS (Clark Kent Syndrome) could I have missed it?....the signs were so obvious...the symptoms so clear. 

This, as noted already, is a condition that seems to affect the 'fashion' of the 'archaeologist' (two words that should not normally be placed together in the same sentence), especially the academic archaeologist, more than any other profession (although, as the name implies, it also affects aliens from the planet Krypton who are hiding on Earth pretending to be journalists). It would therefore seem that I have been in the world of academia for too long and need to 'get out more' (to be fair, people have been saying this for a while). 

Apologies then to my readers (both of you). I'm now off to complete the only known course of treatment, lying down in a darkened finds hut trying not to think about anything archaeological for at least's going to be tough, but it's the only way.


  1. Good luck in isolation. Hope you have a few dr who box sets to see you through! See you on the other side.

  2. Just as ruggedly handsome as Drs Jones and Jackson, though somewhat more alarmingly antimatter in appearance...

    Happy New Year, Dr Russell.

  3. Antimatter fsce is but the first phase! Beware the nuclear nose and the 'mad eye moody' 1000 yard stare as you desperately search for biblical treasure...get well soon.

  4. Are you suggesting that if we unearth something crystalline in structure with a glowing green hue, we probably shouldn't send it to you lest you lose your powers of teaching.

    Perhaps if we send you a similar find with a red glow, you could turn bad and teach IT!?


  5. Do not, under any circumstances, send me anything that has been unearthed if it possesses a glowing green hue (although, in any case, I fear that I may have already lost my 'powers of teaching' thanks to a dodgy mince pie consumed many years ago).