Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Unfortunate issues (soar our souls)

(I don't wish to give the impression that I spend all my time watching TV, but) I was watching TV last night and, in an excellent little programme on the ancient religious and ritual sites of the British Isles, the presenter (who shall remain anonymous in order to protect his innocence) appeared to make the rather startling statement that:

"In this programme I want to explore our souls and what makes them soar"

Now, far be it for me to question the necessity of studying "soar our souls" in a TV programme about religion, but surely this sort of thing should be saved for a more medically-themed show, such as Embarrassing Bodies, Worst Surgery Disasters or Their Knife in your Glands (or the follow up Your Spleen in their Bucket)? In any case, doesn't the simple application of a cream to the affected area quickly sort things out?

I was (rather painfully) reminded of a regrettable incident many years ago when, unable to suppress a Sid-James-Style guffaw, I was very nearly ejected from a church following the failed attempt to sing the chorus to a hymn with the unfortunate line:

"Our souls are one".

I really must get my hearing tested.

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