Thursday, 4 July 2013

Archaeology - the drug of choice

Just over a month away from my computer must be the digging season. 

To enter an archaeological dig is to enter a fantasy world where the concerns, possessions and buildings of the ancient dead are far more important than anything available in 'Real Life' (TM). People engaged in digging / recording / sampling / surveying / finds processing are generally unconcerned with the harsh banality of mortgages, meetings and visits to the supermarket; they are, for a relatively short period of time, totally focussed upon the pottery, lithics, pits, postholes, ditches, walls, bones and abandoned floors of their distant ancestors. It is a quite wonderful world: a Narnia for the otherwise obsessive, compulsive and socially dysfunctional - I love it.

I am, rather sadly, currently moving towards the end of my annual archaeo-Narnia and must face up to the impending reappearance of 'Real Life' (TM) very soon. But, before I am dragged screaming back into the world of monstrous monotonous mindless meetings, I will leave you with a few reminders of this year's archaeological practice.

Archaeological fieldwork....the only legal high.